About Us

We retired to Mirboo North and our farm about seven years ago. We left Blackburn North, in Melbourne, our house of 23 years and our three children, now all adults and making their own wonderful ways in the world. After careers in financial services technology sales and non-profit management, we were ready for a complete change of pace and focus. And did we get it!

We have never been happier, healthier - or more busy. And we would not change that for a moment.

We live in a 1901 Federation era farmhouse which we are sloooowly renovating.

Julie is the driver behind the Fruits of Strathmore preserves which we sell at our local markets and selected retailers in Gippsland and Melbourne.

We operate the B&B all year, and are on all the major booking platforms (Booking.com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Google) as well as having our own direct booking capability.

Our jams business takes us up to Melbourne regularly for bottles and spices, so we are always seeing our children and dropping off orders to our customers.

And, as they say, life is what happens while you are busy making plans. You can't live in a small rural community and not be a part of it. So we are also enthusiastic and founding members of the Victorian Mobile Landcare Group, our local CWA and the Mirboo North CFA Fire Brigade. We've also been delighted to be part of a small team at the Mirboo Country Development Incorporated (MCDI) working to redesign and relaunch the Mirboo North Town website, something we think will grow into a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike - and we also have taken on being the coordinators for the Mirboo North Market, a 50-60 stall vital (monthly) part of the town's life.

If you come to visit, we can help you make the most of your time here as we also love exploring our local area and its attractions. And that goes for all things gastronomic and drinkable as well!

We are not bound by the Australian or Victorian Privacy Act - but we do operate using its principles for the treatment of your personal data. We DO NOT on-sell or divulge your personal data unless required to by law or unless it is for legitimate business needs and operations and we have your explicit or implicit permission.