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We use as little sugar as we can, consistent with good preserving practices. It is important to understand that sugar, while sweet, is the main preserving agent in a jam and as such, the less sugar, the less time the product will remain viable. We could easily make sugarless jams and jellies but you would need to eat them within a matter of days from purchase - and certainly have to keep the product in your refrigerator.

We want to make jams that give you as much of the taste of the fruit as possible and so that is why we will always be a small batch producer and use the minimum of sugar we can.

Gluten is a group of seed storage proteins found in certain cereal grains. If you have a requirement to have your diet gluten-free, please know that we state our ingredients on the label and it is up to you to decide if any of those ingredients would pose a threat to your gluten-free needs.

We are required to put a "Best before" date on all our products, under the Australian food health and labelling regulations. This is generally 12 months from the date of manufacture.

You can keep our products longer this - and they will taste perfectly fine. They may have a slight change of colour, in some circumstances, but there will be nothing wrong with the product.

The biggest variable contributing to the life of the product is how well you avoid contaminating the product. Always:

  • Use a clean utensil to get the product out of the jar. Use a spoon to get the jam to the bread and then a knife to spread it. Same with chutneys and cheese.
  • Put the lid back on the jar as soon as you finish using it. The air is full of wild bacteria, most of them benign, but you will encourage spoiling of the product by leaving it unnecessarily exposed.

On the basis that veganism is defined as, broadly, the avoidance of consuming meat, eggs, dairy products, and any other animal-derived substances, we would be happy to state our products are vegan friendly.

We are required to comply with the following regulations in order to be able to sell our products:

  1. Section 40(1) of the Food Act 1984 requires us to register our kitchen as a commercial kitchen on an annual basis and we are subject to an annual inspection prior to re-registration.
  2. Streatrader is the database created in order to deliver the Food Act 1984 regulations first promulgated in 2013. It is operated by the Victorian Department of Health and delegated authorities reside with Victorian local government. We are registered on Streatrader for the markets and events we attend. We also register there for any one-off festivals we attend.
  3. Food Standards Australia New Zealand sets food labelling standards in the Food Standards Code.We are required to comply with these regulations and so our labels reflect those requirements.
All of these regulations, while onerous, are there to protect you as a consumer of our products and to ensure that anyone seeking to produce substandard products can be dealt with.

Very pleased you clicked this one! That's an easy one to answer - if you click on this link, we'll show the markets we attend, the retailers who sell our products and the online store we operate, with deliveries via Australia Post.

We use only natural ingredients in our products. For the avoidance of doubt, as the lawyers say, we do not add any preservatives, colourings or extenders of any kind to our products, save for the sugar we use to effect the preservation of the product.

Everything that goes into our products is listed on the label.

When we started, 100% of the ingredients (apart from the spices and other condiments) was produced by us on the farm. Fast forward four years and we cannot keep up! That made us face into how we would grow our business while staying true to our local produce, small batch philosophy.

We decided to keep as much of our product made from farm-grown produce but to also pinch, beg, borrow, gift card exchange or similar arrangements with neighbours and friends locally to give us adequate supply.

So far it's working! We have to buy a couple of ingredients from the markets (bananas for the Jamaican Jam!) and we still get our spices from the same distributors we have used since starting, but we minimise the miles wherever we can.

Easy! All the ingredients are on the label, so either come down to a market and browse or we also have images of the label on all our products online, so you can check that aspect out before you buy. Head over to the store here. Enjoy!

We certainly do! We also have all aspects of the label on all our products online, so you can check every detail of the product out before you buy. Head over to the store here. Enjoy!

We'd love to talk to you about that! We are not a high volume producer and we never will be but, that said, we'd love to know more about you and your business and see if we can add value to each other's business. Please drop us a line at

We ship via Australia Post using their (usually) excellent Flat Rate Parcel Post. This means you will be able to get your parcel at your local Post Office, should you not be home to receive it. We provide a tracking number in the shipping email we send you. We have not had a single issue so far in all our shipments (still true as of Friday 19 August 2022 !)

If you are local, you can also elect to have your purchase as a local pick up which means we will welcome you at the farm or we will see you at one of our local markets! We will work out the finer details with you via email/sms etc!

Head over to the Where to Buy page and all our markets are there! We also do one-off festivals throughout the year and will post our intent to attend these on our blog page.

Lovely of you to ask and thank you for thinking of us! Depending upon what sort of fruit you have, we might be able to take it and agree some sort of exchange with you. Please do send us an email to or come and speak to us at one of the markets we attend - or call us and let's talk - you might have something we have been looking for!

OK, this one is pretty easy.

Jams use chunks of fruit, the seeds and sometime also some of the fruit pith in it. Jellies ONLY use the strained juice of said fruits.

Relishes and chutneys might provoke more of a discussion. Chutneys originated from India, where they are a central part of the cuisine. Relishes are, generally speaking, made from fruit or vegetables that remain somewhat more firm in the final product than those of chutneys, which also demand/require a longer cooking time.

We might defer to the Oxford Dictionary, the editors of which have also attempted to navigate this culinary maelstrom!

Relish: A piquant or spicy condiment eaten with food to add flavour; spec. a sauce made of chopped pickled vegetables.

Chutney: A strong hot relish or condiment compounded of ripe fruits, acids, or sour herbs, and flavoured with chillies, spices, etc.

Pickles are a whole 'nother discussion! 😅

Storing our products is pretty easy. You can keep all of them in your larder cupboard but refrain from exposing them to undue heat. This includes sunlight. They should be kept in a dark, cool place. There is no need to store them in the refrigerator unless you live in northern Victoria or somewhere where the average temperature is around 30 Celsius.

As we have said in other FAQ entries, the other thing you need to do is not contaminate the product. Use the following rules as your bible of good food handling:

  • Use a clean utensil to get the product out of the jar. Use a spoon to get the jam to the bread and then a knife to spread it. Same with chutneys and cheese.
  • Put the lid back on the jar as soon as you finish using it. The air is full of wild bacteria, most of them benign, but you will encourage spoiling of the product by leaving it unnecessarily exposed.

Remember, we do not use preservatives or additives and so our product needs attention to this aspect in order to maximise shelf life.

Most people ask this question due to a health or medical requirement that they not eat seeds, occasionally it's individual preference. We have recognised this and are now endeavouring to make a small number of jellies from the same fruit we use to make our jams - with a view to offering these for those customers who need/prefer them. So we don't make seedless jams per se, but our jellies deserve a taste!

Unfortunately we don't make Lemon Curd for sale (although Julie makes a mean one for the home larder)! The reality is our food licence does not cover this higher risk category of product and we don't intend to have the facilities to store them.

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. That's about 90% of our answer! Find some Berrys Creek award winning cheese (we're totally biased to our local producers!) and see what we mean with our Quince Paste, our Pear and Ginger Paste or our Plum and Port Paste. A little paste also adds another dimension to sauces and gravies. Also add to breakfasts items such as smoothies, cereal, or pancakes. A little paste can also be used as a marinade for meat, too. Enjoy!

You bet! Let us know if you want some Vegemite too! We don't have shipping rates for overseas customers but just head over to the online store and take the local pickup option when you hit the cart. We will have your email address and will then calculate the best way to get the stuff to you. We can then invoice you and once all that is done, the package is off and on its way to wherever in the world you are!

We are a small batch producer and we also produce according to the season. If you are shopping at our online store, we will keep the inventory up to date based on these constraints. We apologise if your choice is not available but you are more than welcome to get in touch and see when we are next scheduling a batch of your choice. At last count we had some 63 items on the menu and so, while we try to maintain these levels, sometimes the fruit is simply not (yet) available.

All our products are labelled in accordance with Australian food labelling regulations. As such they all have an ingredients list and a nutrition panel. You can also review the panel for each product on the online store.

This is actually good! We heat seal our jars and what you have is a good seal! Try a slightly damp tea towel on the lid to get extra grip for your hands. If you can't get a good grip, try or buy a jar opener. Worst case, get a knife and just prise up the lid a tiny bit, just enough to equalise the air pressure and you will then be able to get at it!

Our kasoundi is our most popular relish. The dish originated in Bengal and was originally spelt Kasundi but variations of the name are now abundant (as are the scope of the recipes). Our is a traditional recipe, preserved in olive oil (which makes a wonderful marinade once you have scooped out all the relish) and goes excellently with cheese, roast meats and as an in-dish accompaniment to hummus. Just make a well in the centre of your bowl, pour in some of our Kasoundi and then scoop your bread or water biscuit through it and, well, it make hummus something else!

Excellent question, thank you! We really try and make our products with the most local ingredients. The jars and bottle we have to get from Melbourne and normally, we avoid road transport freight, choosing instead to bundle up our needs and get our card when we have a full day's shopping and visiting our children.

But, we also now offer a 5 cents per jar allowance if you bring them back to us - the same basis as the bottle deposit scheme that has run for decades in South Australia. We do have some rules in order to make it work for all of us though:

  1. They need to be clean (washed please)
  2. They need to have our label still on them and our lid please.
  3. We will give you the applicable jar allowance in cash - or you can use it as a credit on a purchase.
  4. We will not be able to let credits accrue so you will need to take the allowance as cash or apply it immediately to a purchase.

Hope this answers your question - we really appreciate the support of our customers to keep our product miles down!

We are not bound by the Australian or Victorian Privacy Act - but we do operate using its principles for the treatment of your personal data. We DO NOT on-sell or divulge your personal data unless required to by law or unless it is for legitimate business needs and operations and we have your explicit or implicit permission.